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Finding your website keywords and using those keywords for your content is essential. Part of the process of search engine optimization and making your website rank better on Google is to utilize keywords that your readers are searching for.

Here are four tips for finding your website keywords:

One: Ideal client and his or her needs
Again, we have to address this, who is your ideal client and what is he or she searching for? What are their problems and what type of solution are they seeking after?

Two: Write down a list
Start writing down a list of possible questions and answers as if you are reading your ideal client’s mind. For example, a stay at home mom is looking for part-time income. A possible search may be “make money from home”.

Three: Search
Let’s use three tools to find out what is out there:

Google Adwords:
We typed in “make money from home” and here is what we found:

Tips For Finding Your Website Keywords

“make money from home” has 246,000 global searches per month
“how can I make money from home” has 246,000 global searches per month
“making extra money from home” has 3,600 global searches per month

Ispionage is a great tool for keyword research. You can start by using the free version. Here is what we discovered with the free version when we typed in “make money from home”


“make money from home” has 301,000 search volume
“how can I make money from home” has 1,300 search volume

Keyword Discovery is another free tool to help you with your keyword research.


You could easily use this tool to generate blog content for your website.

Four: Use those keywords when you write your blog posts
Include keywords in your blog posts. Don’t stuff too many because you will be blacklisted and boring. Imagine reading an article where almost every sentence has “make money from home.”

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