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Time is one of the most important commodities because lost time is never found again as quoted by Benjamin Franklin, the great American entrepreneur. As a busy entrepreneur how do you find time to blog?

Here are seven tips to help you find time to blog, blog faster and avoid writer’s block:

One: Journal
You need to journal regularly. Your journal can generate blog ideas. When it all started, a blog was called weblog, a combination of two words, web and log. People started using it as a personal online journal. Today it is widely use by businesses to create fresh content, have a presence online and to have engagement with clients, team members and prospects.

Two: Rethink your priorities
We have twenty-four hours. When you have a blog you need to rethink your priorities. What activity has to go so you can blog regularly?

Three: Know your why
If you know your why on having a blog, it will help you stay focused.

Four: Read to be a better writer
The more you read, the better writer you become.

Five: Keep a list of ideas
When you are out and about, bring a journal or small notebook. Write down your thoughts when you are waiting at the traffic light, soccer field or doctor’s office.

Six: Set a time to blog
You must schedule time for blogging, maybe once a week or a block of time to write all the blog posts for the month.

Seven: Outsource
You can also outsource your blog writing to a copywriter or a content creation company who knows your voice and your products or services.

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