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Seth Godin said cows, after you’ve seen one or two or ten, are boring. A Purple Cow is something counterintuitive, exciting and flat out unbelievable. We are faced with brown cows every day…lots of boring stuff. How about a Purple Cow? (Source: from Seth Godin’s Purple Cow)

Your About Page is one of the most important pages on your website. That’s the first thing your visitors look for. They want to know who is talking and what is in it for them.

Writing your about page should be one of the most thought out pages in your entire website. Why? Your visitors have to decide if you are a Purple Cow or just like the rest of the brown cows.

How do you become a Purple Cow?

tips for writing your about page

Here are tips for writing your About Page to help you stand out:

One: Think of your visitors when you write
Who is your ideal client and what are they looking for?

Two: It is about them, not about you
“What is in it for me?” Who do you seek out when you look at a group picture? YOU!! So your visitors are looking for answers for them even on your About Page.

Three: Service
You exist in the online world to serve. Whether you are selling vitamins, beauty, building website, virtual assistance services, you are serving your clients. Your About Page has to show your main theme, your expertise. Are you going online to offer health tips, wealth building strategies, encouragement for busy moms or helping entrepreneurs make more money?

Four: A real person
Briefly share your stories when writing your About Page because stories sell and facts tell. Please don’t write a long essay. Be the Purple Cow here. Is there a story that your visitors can relate to?

Look out for more tips in our next blog post. We are here to serve you with WordPress Website building, hosting, backups maintenance and everything to do with WordPress websites for your business.

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