how to stream videos on your wordpress blog

Marketers like Mari Smith and Sandi Krakowski are saying that video marketing is important for businesses today. Video gives you another venue to share content and connect with your readers.

Here are five tips on how to stream videos on your WordPress blog and how to set up an account with YouTube or Vimeo.

One: Set up an account with YouTube
YouTube belongs to Google and if used correctly it can help direct traffic to your blog. If you do not have a YouTube account, go to and click on the blue button on top right SIGN IN. On the new page, click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT Button. Follow the instructions and you are ready to post videos on YouTube.

Two: Take the link from YouTube
Once you have posted your video on YouTube, click on Share

Click on Embed and copy the highlighted links.


On a WordPress New Post or any post you want a video to be added to, click on Text which appears next to Visual (see below).

Paste the link into the body of the blog post on the space you want the video to appear. Then, click on the Visual tab next to the Text tab, click Save Draft or Update (if it is already scheduled) and Preview.

Three: Adding Vimeo Video to your blog
If you have your videos on Vimeo, like my wife, Dr. Mary Starr Carter and you want it on your blog, click the share option on the top right corner.


This box will appear:


Copy the embedded code and place the embedded code just like what you did for videos from YouTube.

Four: All Roads leads to your blog
It is important to direct prospects back to your blog from your videos on YouTube or Vimeo with your website links. Have your own Vimeo or YouTube channels with your name, bio and website link.


Five: Set up a page just for videos on your blog
You may want to set up a page just for your videos or have videos for your sales page or on your blog posts. Streaming videos is easy. No matter where you stream your videos on your website, the methods are the same, that is:

Paste the embedded code
Open the post or page you want to stream the video, click on the TEXT tab on the right (next to VISUAL)
Add the embedded code to the space you want it to appear
Click on the VISUAL tab, save or update page or post

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