Tags and Keywords For Your Blog Post

Reading a blog post can be compared to reading a page or a chapter of a book. But writing a blog post is a little different from writing a page in a book. Let’s look at some similarities and find out why you need to choose the best tags and keywords for your blog post.

Take a look at my recent blog post Tips for Writing Your About Page:

At the bottom of the blog post you will find Tags and Category. We need to categorize every blog post on a WordPress website. If we don’t, it will automatically be “uncategorized”. There is no limit to the number of categories you can add to each blog post. The whole function of category is to help readers navigate your website.

Tags are like an index of a book. It shows the specifics of the blog post. Let’s say you are writing a topic on Spring Cleaning. Your category would be Spring Cleaning or Organization. If you are writing about “How to clean your kitchen with essential oils”, your tags could be essential oils, how to or kitchen cleaning.

There are no limits as to how many tags you can have on each blog. Tags do not have SEO value but it can function as keywords in your blog so when potential clients search on your blog and want an article on kitchen cleaning, they can type in the search menu bar on your site and get the relevant content easily without needing to go through every post or miss out on the content they are searching for on your blog.

WordPress SEO Yoast is a good plug in for focus keywords. You can use Cleaning kitchen with essential oils as your focus keyword. When you write the blog post, make sure you use your focus keyword in the body of the blog. This plug in will help your website’s visibility on Google when used correctly.


Do you have Yoast on your WordPress website? We can help. Let us know by commenting below.

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