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Did you know that Apple Computer, Dell, Microsoft and Young Living Essential Oils all started out from home? According to Small Business Administration (SBA) more than 50% of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner’s home.

If you are a home-based business owner running a Young Living Essential Oil, Beachbody, website design or baby sitting services, you have something in common with a lot of successful businesses that started from home.

Before the Internet and social media explosions, most business owners may have set up shop in a local mall or got a space in their home, put out flyers, small newspaper ads and started receiving calls from prospects.

Now, you have options. A stay-at-home mom or a retiree who is looking for alternative ways to generate income are able to compete with anyone in the world with a WordPress website. No more paying a hefty sum or learn all the coding, html or anything related to building a static website.

Everybody has an equal standing in the online world. Do you know what it takes to have a WordPress website? What are the important components to focus on while having your WordPress website done and how to promote your website.

Here are two recent WordPress websites StarrHost built that have different messages but same products. They are experts in their field and also Young Living essential oils experts.

Clair Care Center:
Don and Jane Clair are baby boomers and they focused particularly on baby boomers’ health and wealth. They are not strangers to business and developing leaders in an organization. Both have many years of experience in their field of expertise and are now helping others do the same with a successful home based business. They are reaching for more people with their WordPress website and social media platforms. This is just the beginning.

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Sue Heath:
Sue is another baby boomer that has a successful career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). She is taking her passion for missions and scents to help others in Kenya. She is also building a team of Young Living home-based business owners doing the same with their passions.

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Each business owner is different but we do have the same goals that are to make more money and help more people. The days of home based business owners calling leads and sending flyers may be over (or is over). Or the generic websites for home-based business owners is no longer enough.

You need to brand yourself and have your own unique voice. Did you see the uniqueness in the two examples shown?

Same products, different messages, different voice, different free reports…. If you are looking for your own uniqueness and voice in the marketplace using a WordPress website, look no further, we have what it takes to set up a WordPress website for home based businesses.

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