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By the end of 2011 there were 181 million blogs in the world. There were only 36 million in 2006 according to Nielsen’s report.

In the report, it shows women made up the majority of the bloggers and 1 in 3 are moms with children under 18. But if you think blogs are only for women and moms, think again.

WordPress has a notable list of users that ranges from Fortune 500 companies to news media, fashion, music, technological companies and world’s famous blogs. Names such as EBay, CNN, Reuters, GM, UPS, Forbes and Mashable.  These companies are all powered by WordPress, the self hosted site and not the free WordPress site.

So how do you manage your WordPress site like those big name companies and build a profitable business? This is what we found out:

1. Commitment- Business owners who are committed to a long-term goal and work through all the hindrances are more likely to build a profitable business in the long run. It also requires hard work, a marketing plan and determination.

2. Care- People do business with companies that care for them and listen to their needs.

3. Customer service- Service that is above and beyond what is expected. According to Gary Vaynerchuk in his book the Thank You Economy, business owners have to relearn the ethics and skills of business that our great-grandparents had, that is treating customers with utmost care and valuing every single one of them. The golden rule must exist in our business.

4. Content- It’s been said content is king and of course the right content management system (CMS) platform is important too. WordPress is one of the many CMS platforms available today and it is the easiest to manage content. Are you adding relevant content consistently to your blog?

Most of all, do you have something to sell on your WordPress blog? If you are blogging and have nothing to sell, you don’t have an online business. Small business owners can benefit from the following to make their WordPress blog profitable:

1. Representing a product- Many of our clients are creating lucrative businesses full time from home or on the side with Young Living Products. Your WordPress blog could have a page dedicated to Young Living Products.

2. Selling informational products- You can write an eBook or hire a writer to write your eBook and create a page for a valuable informational product. One example is Mike The Miracle Welch’s Cancer: How I Beat It!

3. Be an affiliate- There are many business owners that make millions with affiliate marketing. To start out, become an affiliate with Starr Host. (to become an affiliate you must first register with Starr Host and then can send you the affiliate link. If you like to read and have books to recommend, you could sign up with as an affiliate.

4. Services- Maybe you like to cook healthy foods and save money and have great recipes to share. You can start a page offering your services for cooking lessons and recipe downloads. Or maybe you have a social media services like Debbie Twomey who has a WordPress website helping busy moms and entrepreneurs with their social media needs.

The opportunities are endless. For help in creating pages, informational products or business planning help, please contact us by sending us your request through our Contact Page.

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