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Do you have a Facebook Fan Page? If you do, are you having fun building your presence or are you feeling overwhelmed? As I was reviewing Facebook Fan Pages I came across some interesting Facebook Cover ideas, and the dos and don’ts of a Facebook Cover.

According to Mashable, cover photos with faces attract the most attention. Readers are looking at the photos on your Facebook cover before reading your content. Here is a screenshot taken from Mashable showing where our eyes focus most when we are looking at a Facebook Fan Page. The red dotted areas have the most attention:

Screen Shot 2012 09 06 at 1.03.33 PM

What do you have on your Facebook Fan Page? Are you still using a photo of a bottle of Thieves essential oil or a dog? Do you have Facebook apps in the appropriate boxes?

Here are five things to do that will boost your likability and results from your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Put a face on your page. People connect with people and we do business with real people. Won’t you prefer to speak to a live person on the phone compared to a machine? Or if you are a company like Hertz Rent-A-Car, are you consistent with your logo and Facebook cover?
2. Be creative. What are you about and what is your mission for business and life. Your page will show your personality.
3. Is it welcoming? Is your page inviting or dark? Are you saying hello or goodbye with your page? (look at some examples below)
4. Think about your marketing plan, seasonal campaigns, special celebrations, birthdays, events or anything related to your business when you change your timeline. Black Friday is about 2 and half months from today. It’s time to think about your sales campaign and have a catchy, attention grabbing Facebook cover ready for the season.
5. Content. Do you add fresh new content daily to your Facebook Fan Page? Your readers are looking for updates everyday.

Here are samples of some delightful Facebook Covers

Disney portrays family values, fun and Mickey takes center stage:

Screen Shot 2012 09 06 at 1.25.00 PM1

Mari Smith  and her beautiful turquoise colored outfit (her way of branding herself):

Screen Shot 2012 09 08 at 6.59.03 PM

Mike the Miracle Welch with his Harley Davidson, oil bottle and huge smile:

Screen Shot 2012 09 06 at 1.30.46 PM

The New York Jets Facebook Fan Page with a green cover page and logo:

Screen Shot 2012 09 06 at 3.52.53 PM

Those are some ideas to look at. As a small business owner, it would be best if we use our photo along with a nice Facebook cover that reflects who we are and what we do.

Was this helpful? Do you need help with your Facebook Cover and Facebook apps? Please let us know how we can assist you.

Photo credit: facebook.com

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