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One of the things we miss living in a world of technology versus years ago when the majority of us would have been farmers is the sense of seasons. Unlike a farmer whose focus and plans change with the seasons, we have lost some of the natural rhythm of life.

A farmer has his planting, growing, harvesting and even tool repairing and sharpening seasons all planned out. If he does not, he will have no fruits when it comes harvest time. Do you know the cycles of your business?

One of the most important times for online or offline businesses to prepare for huge profits is the Black Friday sales as well as Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Are you ready?

Is your website ready for the explosive growth and increased traffic during the Black Friday sale? Do you have your products and services in place for the season of selling and giving?

Here are three solutions to help prepare your website for the upcoming online traffic:

One: If you have not started a WordPress website, this is the time.  Check out the domain name on our Domain Checker. Find out if the website name you want is available. Maybe you sell a certain product just one time a year, you may want to make sure you own that domain name even if you re-direct it to your replicating website.

Some of you may need your WordPress website completed before Black Friday. Maybe you have gift certificates or products you would like to sell online. Visit this page to learn more.

Two: If you have your WordPress website already, do you have your website backups? It is time to back up all the data on your WordPress website. Losing your data is no fun during the busy shopping season.

Where would you go and what would you do if those important files were not backed up and there was no way for you to retrieve them? Starr Host does back up WordPress files, files outside WordPress, WordPress data base and all other data bases. We have an easy way to retrieve all files.

Three: Maintenance. Don’t wait till it is too late to maintain your WordPress website. It is highly recommended to have regular maintenance of your website to ensure you have enough storage space, optimized your website to run smoothly and clean out any spam and have an anti-malware scan done to protect your website from potential harm, virus and fraud.

Backups and Maintenance are both important.  Learn more about these at

Consumers spent $816 million online last year alone. It was a 26% increase compared to 2010’s Black Friday. The number is expected to increase this year even in a bad economy. (Source: CNET)

The same report said that mobile devices helped increase consumers’ spending with 14.3% of sales from mobile devices.

Business owners, many of your customers are looking for a sale. Are you ready for the big sale?

Let us know how we can help optimize your WordPress website for all the products and services packages you have for the season.

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