I was watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager and I felt I needed to share a message from the theme of the episode with you. In this episode Captain Janeway was required to go through this ‘test’ on an alien planet to find answers to try to save the life of her crewmate Kess. Captain Janeway assumed it was going to be extremely difficult, with days of grueling tasks. When she began the test, the first room was a group of elderly people who asked her to stay and talk. She was anxious and wanted to get on with her ‘tests’.

She proceeded to experience days of grueling tasks taking her to the brink of death even. But guess what the ‘test’ was actually? The first room where Captain Janeway couldn’t even hear the answers or believe that the solution could be that easy. The other hard stuff was made up in her mind.

So have I confused you? Well you can watch the episode. It’s Season 3 Episode 7 of Star Trek Voyager.

But the point is we sometimes don’t realize how easy our tasks are. We set our mind that they are hard, time consuming, and even grueling work. But in reality they aren’t and if we just shift our mindset we would be able to see that too.

Take blogging for example. Many new bloggers struggle to get their blogging routine going. They hear 2 times a week and FREAK OUT or just get stuck not doing the work. The simple truth is that many of you write portions or even almost full blogs on your Facebook pages when you share your thoughts, give your expertise, or encourage someone.  If you just think of blogging as expanding those out to maybe 200 words, you got it!

Or maybe you don’t realize that you can VIDEO blog. That is another simple way to get your message out there. Point your phone, laptop or camera and SHOOT. A short 2 minute video really can change people’s lives.

So change your mindset. Get out of the mindset that this is hard and start telling yourself it’s easy. Hey even go buy a THAT WAS EASY button from Staples and every time you finish a WordPress task or delegate it to get done PUSH THE BUTTON.



Jay Carter (with a little help from Star Trek)
Your IT Success Partner (that’s eye tee not it)

P.S. I wrote this in less than 20 minutes and delegated it to a Virtual Assistant to post it up for you.

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