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The days of sending random emails to prospects are gone. You can’t just send an email to a lead you purchased from a lead generation company or were given by a coworker.

When a reader visits your website and decides to opt-in to your free report, they enter their first name and email address, giving you permission to send them the free report. Before they could receive the free report, they have to respond to a confirmation email sent to their inbox. This also prevents you from false spam complaints and ensures best possible deliverability.

There are many email marketing software companies you could choose from. We chose AWeber because it is easy to use, affordable, has good customer service and most Internet Marketers use AWeber and have great success with it.

As new online business owners or seasoned business owners, we need to use an email marketing service like AWeber.

Here are four reasons why we use AWeber to deliver our emails:

Unlimited Emails and Lists
AWeber does not restrict the number of emails you send or number of lists you create.  Their price is categorized by the size of your list not the number of lists or emails. Some services will charge you per email or add charges as you create more lists onto your account.

Some emails are classified as spam or have a higher bounce rate. If the bounce rate is high and emails are being labeled as spam, the chances of delivering your email to your prospect is close to zero. It will end up as junk email. AWeber has software that tracks the words you use and the links you have to let you know if your email is looking like a ‘spam’ mail.

Certain words or links will trigger as spam even if they are not. AWeber will let you know.  You are losing a lot of readers if you have 10,000 on your list and 10% are ending up in spam or the junk box.

Tracking is important for your business. You need to track the activity of your readers. Which subject line, time, day or offers have the most open rate? You could split test or find out how many and who clicks through the links.  You could track what time of the day the email was opened and which link gets clicked through the most.

Autoresponder Emails
This is an important feature for most online marketers. Autoresponders allow you to send a series of emails to your readers as a follow up after delivering your free report. Marketers could set up a 30 days paid or free course through autoresponder series of emails.

What email marketing tools do you currently used? Did this help? It’s your turn to let us know.


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