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No matter what your style is, a Bohemian, Minimalist, Ladylike or Vintage, when you start a blog, there are a few must-haves and must-do’s. One of them is you need images for your blog posts.
Ever been on a blog where you feel it’s cluttered and you just felt tired reading it because there were so many words without a pause for your eyes?  In other words, there was no color and nothing to break your eyes away from all the words.
Here are three reasons why you should include at least one image for your blog post:
Beauty and memory
Accentuate your blog with memory building images. For example, if you are blogging about a before and after situation, photos of both before and after will bring out your point more to readers than just with their imagination.
A picture is worth a thousand words. We read and hear this cliché all the time. It shows the power in your blog when you put this into practice. 
Wonder why we take photos of our children when they have their first tooth appeared or first experience of solid food? Those photos are precious. You may forget what happened years ago. The photo will remind you and bring back memories of the incident.
Make it more relevant
If you are blogging about a cupcake and you have a recipe in it, what better way to make it more relevant to your readers than to have a photo of the finished product? A photo of your cupcake will help readers visualize their own cupcake if they follow your directions.
When flipping through magazines at the bookstore, which do you prefer? One with lots of words without photos or one with words and accompanied with relevant photos.
You got the answer!
Reader friendly
Too many long words hurt the eye especially if there is nothing that breaks the text. Other than italicize, bold, short sentences and bullet points in your blog, photos will help break the text and will be easier for the eye.
Reading online is a little different from offline. Our eyes are not made to stare at computers or small devices for hours. 
Where could you find images?
You could take your own photos, get free photos from friends and family or purchase royalty free photos. We do not encourage taking photos from other websites.
We use royalty free stock photos from istockphoto. Here is a link to images for your blog. Istockphotos are easy to use and there are thousands to choose from. 
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