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According to WordPress, since WordPress is designed to be lean, to maximize flexibility and minimize code bloat, plugins will offer custom functions and features specifically tailored for users. Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress.

If you have used WordPress long enough, you will soon notice updates on your dashboard. You need to update your WordPress plugins if there are updates and if the functionality is not to your specific needs, you may have to delete the plugin and find better ones.

For example, we used Dean’s FCK Editor a few years ago. It has been two years since the last update. We no longer use it. Instead we use Ultimate Tiny MCE. A plugin that hasn’t been updated may not be compatible with the security of WordPress websites.

Here are two reasons why you need to update your WordPress plugins:

1. Security- the Internet is always changing and plugins developers are always updating their code to ensure flawlessness. So if they find a bug or a new code, it’s important that we update the plugin as well. Think security when you see an update notice.

2. Outdated or slows down your website- we don’t really need all the hundreds of recommended plugins. Most may never support your website’s needs or are already outdated. These plugins may slow down your website load     time. If your website is taking too long to load, one of the reasons     may be a plugin you installed.

It is easy to update or uninstall and delete plugins. To update or uninstall plugins, go to the plugins screen, find the plugin you wish to update and click update. Likewise, if you want to uninstall just click deactivate and delete.

Have you updated your WordPress plugins lately? Remember to do it today and make sure you have done proper backup for your website too. We are here to assist you if you need backup and maintenance work for your website. 

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