Recently Instagram added a new feature called “Photos of You” which allows you to tag your friends in photos just like Facebook. All you need to do is tap the photo and add your friend’s name. They need to approve first before it goes through to their feed.

There are over 80 million registered Instagram users in the world and the numbers are growing. Bought by Facebook in April 2012, Instagram is clearly one free social media platform that business owners should not avoid.

Here’s why:

Your photo will drive more traffic to your website
Since my daughter Sarah was born, the post with the most likes and comments is a photo of her. Everyone wants to know how she looks like and how she has grown. Even though it has nothing to do with my business, parenting is an important part of my life and photos of Sarah and I gave readers and clients a glimpse into my family life.

They may eventually check my website and services out.

Easy to use and share
When you share your photo on Instagram, you can instantly share the same content and photo to Twitter and Facebook. You can easily share and engage with readers and clients on three social media platforms.

Your ideal client can find you
Instagram allows you to use #hashtags just like Twitter. #hashtags make it easy for you to organize your photos and allow readers and potential followers to find you. If you are a health coach and provide solutions to back pain with natural products, you can add one or two #hashtags to your photo’s caption and it will be organized to all the #hashtag used by other Instagram users.

For example, when you use #backpain for your photo, when users click on the #hashtag on Instagram search, they will find the most recent photos with that #hashtag. (Note: You can’t separate the word “back” and “pain” if you want “backpain” as your hashtag)

Add more people to your email list
You can host a contest on Instagram to add more followers and more people on your email list. You can run a photo contest or survey with simple questions with a special giveaway to increase more followers and awareness.  Use a specific #hashtag for the contest.

If you have not downloaded the Instagram app yet on your smartphone, don’t delay. Let’s do it today. You can follow me at www.instagram/jaywcarter1

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