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If you were to take a moment and think about emails you receive from huge corporations or governmental offices, you will realize they do not use Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and the rest of the free emails.

Free emails are great for personal usage. Most of us do have a Gmail account and some of us use emails from our Internet service providers like Road Runner, Verizon, Comcast or Rogers. Those are necessary services for subscribing to newsletters or writing and receiving personal emails.

As a business owner there are 5 things to consider when writing an email to our clients:

1. Look professional. We need to present ourselves as professionals in the marketplace. How do you appear in the business world if you have Hotmail as your business account? Professional businesspersons who present a business card with a Yahoo email address do not look professional.

2. Business Presence. When you use your domain email, for example, we use; we are blueprinting our business name to our clients. When you receive an email from a company, you can identify immediately what it is all about.

3. Advertising. You are also advertising your company. If you are using as your email, you are advertising for Verizon. You are giving free advertisement and letting readers know you are a Verizon user.

4. Confidence. Having your own domain email gives clients the confidence that you mean business. Even a small company can build confidence in the marketplace when they consistently use the same domain email from their company. A company that changes emails consistently from Comcast to Verizon to Gmail without using their own domain email does not create confidence to their audience.

5. Branding. No matter how you look at it, ultimately we all have a platform that we built to serve our clients well. We have certain features and ways that set us apart from our competitors and organically brand ourselves. Branding is important and it will come with time, strategy and growth in your business.

If you are wondering how do I get a domain email, here are the simple steps:

#1 If you already have a domain name ( is a domain name) and hosting with Starr Host, you can create an email using your domain name (Go to Step #2). If you do not have a domain name and are ready to take the next step go to and see if the domain name you want is available.

To get ideas on how to choose the best domain names, please read this article from Sandi Krakowski: Creating a URL and domain name that is unforgettable.

Once you decide on a domain name at then follow the directions to register it and get your hosting from Starr Host.

#2 Go to the following link and Sign up for our Google Apps Service

Another way to have your domain emails built is by using Google apps. Google apps are necessary for business owners who want to be more organized. There are the email features, calendar, documents, chat features, to-do list and free phone number. You can use Google apps to build your domain emails for all your team members and associates too. We will do the set up for you. For more information on Starr Host Google Apps Set up Service go to

#3 The next step is to build your brand with a WordPress website and blogging. If you aren’t using WordPress yet or just cannot add another responsibility of learning, building and setting up a WordPress website, please let us help you with our expertise.

Before you send out another email, think again, your business email is important for your branding.

Let us know what you think? Come over to our Facebook wall and ask us questions if you have about domain emails or Google apps.

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