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Ask your readers if they prefer a blog with images or without, and you’ll probably get “with images” for an answer. We live in a culture where almost everyone has some form of camera to take pictures wherever they go. Most are with a smartphone.

All the smartphones and even flip phones have camera features. Ever caught yourself taking pictures of the food you eat or the flowers while you are taking a walk? According to Luminate:

In the Kodak Era we took pictures on birthdays and vacations. Now, with a camera in nearly everyone’s pocket. There are 2.5 billion camera phones in use in 2009.

That was in 2009. Mashable said:

There are almost 120 million smartphone users in the U.S. right now, and about half as many tablet users. By 2014, those numbers are expected to grow to over 150 million and almost 90 million, respectively.

Are you use a smartphone? Do you take images and load them to your WordPress website and social media platforms?

Recently I’ve started using Instagram and found a whole new world out there. I’m a little ‘late’ adding that feature to my smartphone but I’m on right now. Find me at Instagram by searching my name jaywcarter1.

People tend to remember articles and facts when they’re presented with images. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. It adds another dimension to a story you are telling on your blog.
2. Pictures create emotions that words cannot express.
3. If you are writing about your experiences, pictures show your readers you are actually doing the things you wrote about.

We no longer need to buy expensive equipment and carry a whole bag of lenses to capture a perfect picture. Pictures and videos are easy to capture using your smartphone. Most consumers are also using smartphones to stay in touch through email, texting or calling, Tweeting and Facebooking. Smartphones have many more features to enhance our business and lifestyle.

Images can increase your Facebook engagement rate and it is also an important part of your marketing campaigns. A Facebook ad with a relevant image and compelling headline (caption) will increase your open rate.

Using words that sell and the right image to capture your story is a perfect combination. What better way to capture these than with your smartphone? Do you still have questions about the importance of smartphones and adding images to your WordPress Blog?

Think about the number of people you see searching and looking at their device when you are in the mall, restaurants or even while you are at the grocery line. The world is changing and smartphones and capturing images are huge in the online world.

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