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Well it was a sad day this past Thursday when my strawberry patch was in full bloom and as I went to pick over several dozen strawberries, 75% had been damaged and eaten by slugs… AGH!

Are you a gardener? Have you had that happen? Well I actually had created some slug traps and set them up but I forgot to monitor them for about 5-6 days. My slug traps were a combination of cups of beer and boards that the slugs are attracted too. It had rained and the beer washed away so the slugs went out to the sweet strawberries and ate away. It probably had happened several days ago but I didn’t notice until 3/4 of the crop was gone.

Part of Jay’s strawberry patch:

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The reason I share this story is because the same thing can happen in your garden of your WEBSITE. Files can be corrupted while you aren’t paying attention, you could carelessly hit a button and wipe your blogs out, a plug in or update could cause you to get the white screen of death never to find your website again…. or at least without help.

Like my emergency Saturday client who was updating her own site to the latest WordPress version and got A MESS. Luckily she did have backups but didn’t have anyone to help her. She called her hosting company (A reputable big name) and they couldn’t help her. But because she had backups we were able to get her back up and running in less than 2 hours.

That’s why consistent and regular backups are necessary. If you are consistently putting new content up on your website or if you website is part of your business you need Backups.

In the next week StarrHost will be offering 3 options for Backups.

1) Installed WordPress Plug in – You do set up, saving etc on your own.  All StarrHost websites will have this plugin that you can activate.

2) StarrHost Self Managed Back up Program

3) Starr Host Manged Back up Program

Stay tuned for Next Thursday’s Newsletter and Blog because we will also have our new WordPress Maintenance program and  Monthly Support package.


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