WordPress Website Security

Nothing is bulletproof including your WordPress website. Are you taking care of your WordPress website security?

According to WordPress.org, security is not about perfectly secure systems because it is quite impossible to maintain that status. They suggest looking into the qualities of a trusted web host and they might include:

• Making available security features to clients
• Providing stable versions of all server software
• Having reliable methods for backup and recovery

At StarrHost we take security very seriously. Here are six things you need to do to have better WordPress website security for your business:

One: Frequent updates
If you have been with WordPress long enough you might have witness the frequent updates. Make sure you update your WordPress to the newest version. Most of the time these updates are for security reasons and to improve on the usage of WordPress.

Two: Spam and malware scanning
Just like your laptop needs constant checking on spam and malware, your WordPress website needs a system check up and scanning to ensure it is clean and spam and malware free.

Three: Plug ins and other add ons
Don’t just install everything that is out there. Make sure you trust the source and have done your research on the authenticity of the plug ins and add ons.

Four: Security expert
You might be like most of us who go to the doctor’s once a year for a medical checkup and to the dentist every six months for cleaning. Your WordPress website needs an expert to look at the security issues. They are the ones who can troubleshoot and bring your website up to speed.

Five: Be diligent
You lock your doors when you leave your home. Your website needs the same treatment. Be diligent in keeping up with all updates including plug in updates, theme updates and other recommended updates. Keep your password secure and make sure you engage someone who knows best about website security if you have no knowledge on how to keep your WordPress website secure.

StarrHost has been securing websites for many years. If you have any questions about your WordPress website security, please submit a ticket.

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