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These days you can choose different types of web browsers but not all browsers are the same. Your readers and clients may be using different browsers to view your WordPress Website. It may look different on another browser.

Let us show you the different browsers available:

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla is a non-profit organization and is available for free download on PC or Mac. It is also available on Android mobile. You have options of private browsing and pop-up blockers.

This is how our WordPress website looks on Mozilla Firefox browser:

For some of us who like to open lots of tabs while working or researching online, Firefox makes it manageable. Most importantly you get warnings from the browser’s malware protection if a website looks suspicious. Firefox does have regular updates on their browser to ensure optimum security and efficiency.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer (IE) comes as a default browser if you buy a PC. IE will scan your search and downloads to safeguard security. Their content fraud filter and cross-site scripting (XSS) protection may do the job for you. One key feature is IE has the power to stop websites from documenting your browsing habits.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome’s simplistic and minimalist approach makes it easy to use. Once open, the browser has a few handy options right in front of you. This is a basic look of Google Chrome browser with features like Gmail, YouTube, Google Search and Google Web Store.


If you are a Gmail user or you want to search using Google Search, just click on the icon and it will bring you where you command it in lightning speed.

According to, popular websites that use JavaScript like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube works really well on Google Chrome. A page fully loaded with images only takes under 4 seconds.

This is how our WordPress site looks on Chrome:


Note: BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DO WORDPRESS EDITS IN CHROME many clients have gotten stuck not being able to make a change or see a menu etc.  I don’t suggest making WordPress edits in Chrome.  We have had several tickets over the past months with this problem.  Chrome has some bugs, be aware of that.

If one tab is open and you need to open another, you will have to click on the + on the top right corner to open more tabs. Safari is a solidly built security network and has the ability to block unwanted pop-ups and has a private browsing setting.

If you were to look at your Google Analytics, you will find a list of browsers your readers are using. Take a look at how your WordPress website looks in the browsers listed. If you are spending more and more time browsing, researching and working online, it is important to know which browser works best for you. The right browser may increase productivity, efficiency and ultimately ease of work and research, and profits for your business.

Which browser are you using now? How happy are you with the browser? Let us know and comment on our Facebook Business Page.

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